Queens Beach Permits

The Queens Beach Sandlot area is a permitted area. When a organization has an event at Queens Beach they get a permit to use the area. Below is a calendar showing the permits that I know about. HBVA Queens Beach Permits


I hope to get input on this page so all players, parents, kids, organizations can share their permit dates. This will help with the current confusion and better share information among all players. I know its tough when you plan a day and have to move your courts, group because an organization has a permit and does not share the info. Please work with me as we grow the game and improve the volleyball community here in Oahu. **this list is FYI only and additional days may be permitted. thanks.***

If any clubs or organizations would like, I can post your dates here as well. I check other clubs sites to update but some do not post there permit dates.

Hawaii Beach Volleyball Association