Hawaii Beach Volleyball FAQ, Comments:

What are the Rules to Beach Volleyball? HBVA plays by the same rules as CBVA. There rule book link is:  CBVA Rule Book

How do I play in a Tournament? All entries must pay a yearly membership fee. The general information tab has the info for membership. Then find a Partner. Lastly find the event in the event list and submit for that event.

What if i don’t have a partner? Most of our tournaments require a partner. You can e-mail or message me on Facebook and i can help find you one. We do occasionally run a King or Queen of the beach which is no partner needed.

Where to play Volleyball on Oahu? Check out the Beach Locations link for info.

What is the level of play? We try to list the level on the event page. OPEN – These players consistently display advanced ability in either offensive skills (spiking, serving, setting) or defensive skills (passing, digging, blocking) to compete as a specialist and have sufficient ability to execute the dynamics of power volleyball. These players have begun/have mastered the use of power shots and are beginning to handle pace, have sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and are beginning to vary game plan according to opponents. All rules apply.

A/B – These players know the rules and are moderately proficient at keeping the ball in play. These players are moderately proficient at spiking, setting, or passing, and are learning placement and defensive anticipation. All rules apply, except all hand-sets are legal (there are no hand set calls), as long as the sets are not over the net (even if legal). These players can play in a Open event if they choose.

Is it only Doubles? Yes generally we run Doubles tournaments. We are looking to run some fun 4’s. Keep an eye out in the events list.

Is there any open play? Currently the only place to get open play is at Ft. DeRussy. Its the only permanent courts. You can ask if you see people playing at any beach. PLEASE be aware of your level and the level of the people you are asking. This will help with your success in finding a game. Alot of times the people that bring there own nets also bring there own players.


Hawaii Beach Volleyball Association